Spot checks throughout the day are great to make sure I am maintaining my Sobriety and my general wellbeing, but, like most things in life that are good for me, I get comfortable and complacent and sometimes forget they are what keep me right in the first place.

Yesterday is history but I will just pop back there for a minute to explore perhaps why it wasn’t such a good day….

I woke up with my alarm at 6am…so far so normal…but then I had a sudden flashback of the dream that had left me restless most of the night and promptly pressed snooze….just for 5 minutes. 

At 7am I darted out of bed and then remembered that, because I had seen a picture of my ex having fun with a ‘female’ friend on a mutual friends page on facebook last night, I had stropped to bed in a huff with the world, failing to prepare any lunches or uniforms for the day ahead.  So, as I tore around the place trying to do yesterdays jobs, whilst ‘encouraging’ my son to get out of bed and get dressed I failed to eat breakfast and ran out the door.

At the office I prioritise my own workload and yesterday I prioritised nothing.  If I didn’t actually know I was sat in my chair I would be sure I had sat in my head for the rest of the day. 

That uneasy, irritable feeling I had all day long wasn’t because anything terrible had happened, but was simply because I had forgotten to H.A.L.T.

Hungry – Skipping breakfast and I really dont get on.

Angry – Annoyed at myself for leaving things to the last minute.

Lonely – From a random picture on Facebook I instantly decided that the whole world was attached and having fun without me

Tired – Restless sleep and overactive mind left me irritable and edgy all day

As I thanked God last night for all of the blessings in my life I was sure to thank Him for reminding me to spotcheck my day and avoid feeling restless, irritable and discontent.

So if you are feeling uneasy or your day just aint going as ‘planned’ remember to H.A.L.T.  It’s a very simple process, but it can make a world of difference.





2 thoughts on “HALT!!!

  1. I think the idea of checking in with oneself is very important. While I am not a HALT proponent, per se, I feel a self check is important. For me that comes in the guise of a 10th step – where am I fearful, dishonest, selfish or resentful? then give it up to my HP and turn my thoughts to others. I think when we are early on in recovery, HALT has it’s purpose in keeping us in check, as you described so well. And if one doesn’t have a program of recovery, it is useful. I used it a few times when I was new to recovery. I think it points to keeping a balance of self-care (physically at least) and taking our internal temperature. I know I spent enough time in my drinking days not doing any of those things. Or rarely – when I did I didn’t like what I saw.

    Great stuff – glad to see what it was that was bothering you and making the adjustments!!


    • Thanks Paul well said. For me HALT is a quick and easy method of stopping myself in my tracks throughout the day as I find if its something else that’s bothering me I am usually aware of what it is (even if I dont want to deal with it yet lol) but the Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired parts I can run with all morning without knowing why i’m not quite ‘right’ today 🙂

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