Can I Kick It?


“You Are No Longer Alone!”

One of the first slogans I read in the rooms of AA and my favourite to this day. There is safety in numbers and this applies ten fold to my Sobriety. I can’t do this by myself.

I have to be honest and say that for years despite the misery of my alcoholism it never actually occured to me to stop drinking. I blamed everything and everyone else for the way I felt (or didn’t feel).

After my initial introduction to AA I was delighted to feel better, physically and mentally and thought I had cracked it, that I would be on my merry way with all the ‘knowledge’ I had garnered about this filthy poison and life would now be sweet….

Within a month I was drunk and thankfully within four months I crawled back to the rooms. Back to the safety in numbers. Knowledge about this illness means nothing to me when Im left to my own devices. I need the experience and perspective of like minded people around me to keep me out of my own head and to maintain my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

I was once given great advice by another alcoholic. He said I should treat my head like a bad neighbourhood. Never venture there alone!

If anyone is out there struggling I say grab another alcoholic and share. Even two makes a meeting. Or a very small gang against alcoholism!!!

C’mon WE can do this!!!!

Oh yes we can.


6 thoughts on “Can I Kick It?

  1. Groovy stuff. Loners by trade, isolated by the craft of alcoholism, getting support in a room full of strangers is about as antithetical to our make up as we can get. But it works. I don’t recover…we recover. It’s the gift of the fellowship, this identifying and loving and supporting. Getting out of self is another part of the fellowship – via service, sharing with others, listening, talking, coffee, commitments, etc…these are the things we can’t do alone. I can only sit with me so long before I need to be with my peeps. 🙂

    Great stuff! Keep rockin it!


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