Life is Like a Shoe Closet


What a beautiful morning to be just a sober girl in heels. Trying to balance it all.

If life is like a shoe closet Sobriety is my good old wellies. Keeps me safe and dry and allows me to put one foot in front of the other come rain or shine.

Motherhood would be my T bar, slingback, block heel, button down, patent pumps. Didn’t come with instructions and can be daunting but it was love at first sight and I cant imagine life with out them.

My day job resembles my black, leather, knee high boots. Essential. Rewarding. Can make me wince with pain.

My best friend is my pink, sculptured, crackle, calf skin stilletos. Completely and utterly irreplaceable.

My sister is definitely my tan, leather, strappy wedges. Fabulous to look at, can handle any situation and have always been there for me.

My family are the rest of the shoe closet. Some are familiar and comfy, some are sassy and beautiful, a few I haven’t seen in years and there are those old favourites that I just cant get enough of.

I’m grateful to all of them for the part they play in my life. Walking through my journey with me. Keeping me balanced and supporting me.

Thank you to each and every one of you. My Very Best Shoes xx


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