O. Flip It!!!


‘I’ve got to get up’
‘I’ve got to go to work’
‘I’ve got to sit on the train’
‘I’ve got to go to the supermarket’
‘Ive got to pick up my son’
‘I’ve got to make the dinner’
‘I’ve got to pay my bills’

O. Flip it!!!!

No seriously flip it. The ‘o’ i mean. Flip it to an ‘e’ and it changes my day completely.

Its very easy on occasion to forget my old backside after a four year stroll down sobriety lane. Very easy to take for granted the tasks and journeys I would have given anything to be able to carry out while still in the fierce grip of alcoholism.

So if I am ever feeling stressed about my ‘daily routine’ I have to remember to flip it!

‘I get to get up’

From my own bed, safe and sound. Not come to who knows where.

‘I get to go to work’

After many years of flitting from job to job recognising when to jump before I was pushed, at the end of my drinking ‘career’ I became unemployable. Now I have the choice to be an asset not a liability.

‘I get to sit on the train’

Peacefully, unhurried. The claustrophobic, anxiety from the alcoholic withdrawals I used to suffer made this at times seem impossible.

‘I get to go to the supermarket’

Yes the supermarket. Not just the off licence.

I get to pick up my son

Losing my son altogether was a (not too far off) Y.E.T. for me before I got sober and now every day that I have the privilege of picking my gorgeous boy up from school/cubs/gran & papa’s is beyond my wildest dreams.

‘I get to make the dinner’

And actually eat it. No stomach cramps from too much alcohol or panic stricken loss of appetite from too little alcohol. These days meal time is family time.

‘I get to pay my bills’

From the performing alcoholic who was terrified of brown envelopes rattling through the door I now know the peace that comes from getting my finances in order. No matter how high the mountain, it can be scaled a little bit at a time.

When I remember to be grateful and practice the mindset of ‘I get to’, not I’ve got to’ it transforms my daily tasks into precious moments that only I know how close I came to losing.

By the grace of God. Long may I ‘Flip It’.



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